Views on Race/Racism

Racism is an everyday thing, you can’t expect to go anywhere and not let people judges you by your color, or just by your appearance. Society has came to a point where this is normal. We judge rappers, we judge musicians, we literally judge everything and anything. After taking this class, my point of view […]

From Leadership to A Poetic…

Being a leader, not only do you lead by example but you set one as well. I would defend my own, people who I lead to success. Why? Because those are my roots, I grew up and learned a lot through my race, I am who I am cause of them. For example, Trump is […]

Oscars, a comedy show?

Chris Rock out on a show at the oscars, mad respect to the guy. He not only defended his race and his people’s back, but he did it in a funny way. He addressed the problem, or is it a problem? I believe so and he did an extraordinary job addressing it in the only […]

Blog Essay 2

Racism exists, no matter how nice we treat other human beings. People will always judge, people will always treat others differently and having a child, you have to warn them and get them prepared. At the end of the day I will tell them to respect and treat others the same way, to never judge […]

Tosh.O. Racist?

I personally feel that if you’ve listened to this guy on tv, and you think he is racist, I believe you are ignorant. I’m sorry to say but he is a comedian, if he thinks something is funny he has the whole right to say it. Yes he says jokes about races and stuff but […]

Start of a new program

starting a new soccer program is difficult, it’s a lot harder than what I expected. The team started off with 35 guys or so, as season went by we started losing people due to lack of attention in class. People were not going to class, GPAs were really low. Season ended, we had about 18 […]